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The world’s leading provider of digital, electric and autonomous shipping technology.

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  • Customer stories


    Oatly worker standing in the sun

    Einride's clients include some of the world's biggest and most trusted names across North America and Europe.

  • Lidl


    Truck driver walking towards an Einride Truck at the Lidl warehouse

    Approximately 50% of shipments between Lidl’s warehouse and its Stockholm stores are electrified – with a delivery precision average of 99.7%.

    Einride's work with Lidl

  • Oatly


    Oatly truck turning

    Einride has helped Oatly electrify its shipping network in Sweden since 2020. The agreement has since expanded to include North America. Today, more than 80% of Oatly’s freight operations are electric.

    Einride's work with Oatly

  • GE Appliances


    Einride autonomous gen 1 at the GEA facility in Louisville

    Einride is deploying electric and autonomous technology for GE Appliances. In 2022, Einride became the first to operate a cab-less electric autonomous vehicle on US public roads.

    Einride's work with GE

  • Electrolux


    Electrolux worker standing in the sunlight

    Einride has been working with Electrolux since 2021, helping the global appliances manufacturer electrify its shipping in Sweden.

    Einride's work with Electrolux

By the numbers

Operational since


World leader in electric and autonomous freight technology, with clients across two continents.

Delivery precision


In some cases, the percentage of completed shipments has increased from 30% to over 99%.

Avg CO₂e reduction


CO₂e saved when switching from diesel-based freight operations to shipping with Einride.

Two drivers looking at a shipment of fruit.
Two drivers looking at a shipment of fruit.

Keeping retail on the road

Comply with ESG regulations, meet increasing demands from eco-conscious consumers, and navigate around diesel bans – all with cost-competitive ease.

Einride for retail logistics

Einride Saga app running on a phone.

Einride Saga

Ship with a digital network.

Meet Einride Saga

Einride Saga app running on an iPad.

Einride Saga

Ship with a digital network.

Meet Einride Saga

  • Autonomous shipping


    Two autonomous vechles driving besides each other

    Electric power, digital intelligence and autonomous driving technology – with humans always in the loop – for safe and seamless shipping.

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  • Autonomous Gen 2


    Autonomous gen 2 hero in studio setting

    Electric and autonomous – with no driver’s cab. Discover the vehicle making history around the world.

    Meet the fleet

  • Remote operation


    Remote interface + human

    Introducing a new kind of trucker. This is human-led autonomy.

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  • Electric shipping


    The Einride electric truck front in a fall forest

    Einride’s connected electric trucks and charging solutions, intelligently coordinated by Einride Saga, allows shippers and carriers to go fully electric now.

    Learn about electric

  • Truck


    Einride truck in the American dessert

    Driving the shift today

    Meet the Einride Truck

  • Charging


    Electric page - Charging

    Keeps the fleet moving

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  • Einride Trailer


    Einride Trailer from behind driving on the road

    The most intelligent trailer to hit the road

    Meet the Einride Trailer

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Access the clean, safe and efficient way to ship. With electric and autonomous vehicles coordinated by an intelligent network, you can go green and future-proof your business.