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A note from our CEO on Ukraine

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A note from our CEO on Ukraine

There are not adequate enough words for what is happening in Ukraine. The invasion of Ukraine and the direct attack on democracy has caused global heartbreak and destruction beyond belief. 

Out of the many headlines we've seen unfold there is one I keep returning to. This unjust war, a fight between the old world and the new world, would not be possible if it were not for the oil that has financed corrupt people into power. This common realization has caused myself, and our entire team, to double down on the work we are doing in regards to creating a sustainable tomorrow. 

Simply put, the world has a dependency on oil and we need to break that. Our work has always been to provide electric, sustainable solutions and the importance of that work continues to only heighten. 

Now is a time not for words but for action and support. 

As an Einride team, we’ll keep championing for a better tomorrow and supporting those that share that belief. We do not and will not do business with or support any Russian connected players directly or indirectly correlated with our business. We support the resistance to ensure democracy wins. We will continue our work. 

We do, and will, stand with Ukraine.

Robert Falck, 

CEO and founder of Einride

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