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Almedalen: Electric Garden gathers panel about zero-emission zones and AR experience

3 min read

Almedalen: Electric Garden gathers panel about zero-emission zones and AR experience

After last year’s success, the Electric Garden is taking over Visby once again to share the latest on electrification and promote discussions on how to support the transition to more sustainable cities.

Innovation will be at the center of Almedalen’s Electric Garden day on June 27, when attendees will have the opportunity to experience the complete Einride ecosystem on AR (augmented reality) and meet with the team.

The day will begin at 8.30 with a breakfast on Blockgränd 6, followed by the panel “Heavy-duty transportation: The fast and effective way to reduce emissions in cities”, gathering transportation and sustainability experts. The program will continue with panels and a press conference and end with an Electric Mingle.

Einride will also be present on panels and discussions throughout the week. See the team's schedule below:

Tuesday, June 25

14.00 - 14.45

What can the energy industry learn from tech leaders?

Hansaplatsen, Donnersgatan 6

The energy industry is facing a serious challenge: to lead the green transition, enable industry electrification and secure Sweden’s competitiveness through safe and affordable energy supply. This requires courage, innovative thinking and collaboration. But does the energy industry need to reinvent the wheel?

Participants: Tomas Ohlson, Founding Engineer, Einride Andreas Langholz, Head of Tech Strategy, Ingrid Capacity Linda-Maria Wadman, Chief Commercial Officer, Plexigrid Niclas Sigholm, Group Chief Executive Officer, Sigholm Clara Humla (moderator), Data Engineer, Ingrid Capacity

Wednesday, June 26

08.00 - 08.50

Circular business models – challenges, opportunities and learnings

Blockgränd 6

The circular economy’s potential, not simply as a necessity for a sustainable future, but also as a profitable business model. Can we redefine the future by building and investing in sustainable business models?

Participants: Tomas Ohlson, Founding Engineer, Einride Elin Bergman, Circular Impact Officer, Cradlenet Eva Karlsson, CEO, Houdini Jonas Kjellberg, Founder and Chairman of the board, NORNORM Fredrik Holmén, Partner, Eidra (former ARC)

13.00 - 13.45

Courageous leadership and innovation - the keys to a successful transition

Joda bar & kök, Korsgatan 24

To secure the society's future and manage the complex energy transition, we must view competence development with new eyes. Courageous leadership is needed to do so. We must highlight employees and make them experts. But the question is: Are Swedish managers ready for the transition?

Participants: Mattias Nagér, Chief HR Officer, Einride Pär Lager, senior advisor and author of “Upskill and reskill”, Försvarshögskolan Cecilia Zetterström, Head of Customer & Market, Vattenfall Eldistribution Jenny Edfast, CEO, Rejlers Sverige Calle Fleur, moderator and editor in chief, Chef

Thursday, June 27

8.00 - 10.00

Electric Garden panel & breakfast

Heavy-duty transportation: The fast and effective way to reduce emissions in cities

Blockgränd 6

More and more cities work to reduce emissions by implementing zero-emission zones. In the coming year, Stockholm will launch one of those zones, for example, and the Netherlands will begin phasing in zero-emission zones across 30 cities. The question is whether there’s a faster and more comprehensive way to reduce emissions and traffic by focusing on heavy-duty vehicles.

Electrification is already creating great opportunities for a shift in how heavy transport is carried out in cities. In the near future, this could lead to more intelligent cities where freight does not contribute to more emissions and congestion. But what policy tools are required for this to become a reality? Breakfast will be served at the beginning of the panel.

Participants: Lars Strömgren, Traffic councillor, City of Stockholm (MP) Maria Stockhaus, Member of the Swedish Parliament's traffic committee (M) Tobias Binder Gustavsson, Transportation and mobility expert, IVL Svenska miljöinstitutet Tomas Ohlsson, Founding Engineer, Einride

09.00 - 09.45

Properties that produce renewable energy – how can we maximize untapped potential?

Fastighetshubben, Adelsgatan 25

Swedish real estate companies have promising solar, wind and geothermal energy capacity. By generating excess capacity for the energy market, big steps could be taken to meet the energy supply of the future.

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