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Electric freight in the Benelux has the power to accelerate the EU’s climate plan

2 min read

Electric freight in the Benelux has the power to accelerate the EU’s climate plan

The European Union plans to be climate neutral by 2050. We still have a long way to go, but the region’s countries have been able to curb 32% of carbon emissions compared to 1990. It would look promising if this information weren’t followed by other data: every sector has been able to reduce its direct contribution to climate change except one, transportation.

Not only that, but until 2019 we saw an increase of 29% in emissions, according to the European Environment Agency (EEA). Imagine being part of a rowing team, and one of your teammates is constantly paddling in the wrong direction. This is the transportation industry.

The time to act is now. The Benelux region has already been witnessing the harmful effects of climate change, with deadly flooding and hundreds of billions of euros worth of damage. Last year, insurers in the Netherlands alone paid a record 465 million euros due to inclement weather. The country is one of the most endangered, with 55% of its territory at risk of flooding.

Evidently, the population is highly aware and in favor of mitigating measures. A European Investment Bank (EIB) report showed that 79% of people in the Benelux countries believe climate change is the biggest challenge for humanity in the 21st century.

We must work collectively to reach the EU’s climate goals and offer companies the opportunity to make smarter choices that will greatly impact the lives of millions. With Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands located in the heart of Europe, the Benelux is a global logistics hub with easy access to key seaports, major rail and motorway networks, and leading freight airports. Its electrification is a stepping stone to a greener Europe.

As Einride officially launches operations in the region, we look forward to partnering with local and international businesses to help them potentially reduce 90% of their transportation CO2 emissions while remaining cost competitive. We kick things off by proudly joining forces with a key partner, AB InBev, that will take the lead in deploying heavy-duty electric transport on Belgian soil.

Road freight is a necessity, and we have proven that it’s possible to do it better. Our recently showcased grids, powered by the intelligent platform Einride Saga, unlock a resilient and cost-effective shipping future with electric and autonomous fleets, charging infrastructure and connectivity networks.

We welcome companies in the Benelux region and beyond to join us in pursuing a digital, electric and autonomous future on the road to a climate-neutral transportation industry.

Robert Falck

CEO and Founder of Einride

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