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Designing for change: The value of updating a brand identity to drive engagement

4 min read

Designing for change: The value of updating a brand identity to drive engagement

Linnéa Kornehed, CMO and co-founder

At Einride we often say: the future is yours to create. We want to shape the future through technology and strive for a better tomorrow. In everything, we want to push the limits of what is possible - in our products, software, operations, or design. Our brand is built on our team's passion for innovation and the belief that the best days of mankind are still to come. 

As we grow, we have come to realize that we need to update our brand identity. The reasons for updating a brand’s visual identity can range from artistically arbitrary to carefully calculated.  But old logos become outdated, trends come and go, and most importantly, companies change. In just over four years, we have changed Einride’s logo and branding twice, most recently in 2018. Each time, the change reflected our evolving identity: from a fledgling startup with a dream to develop the freight vehicle of the future, to a leader in autonomous technology intent on challenging traditional players to keep up.

This time our ambitions are much broader, and we’ve updated our brand to reflect that. What started as a vision for the future of transport has become a full-scale solution: a freight mobility operating system and cutting-edge autonomous vehicle, purpose-built for companies to be able to lead the transition to electric and autonomous transport efficiently and cost-effectively. Our new identity signifies quiet confidence and a steady, step-by-step progression towards a sustainable and intelligent future of freight.

Beyond being a visual representation of our values and identity, this update serves a much more practical purpose: designing a brand with the user above all. Our partners will be the ones in contact with the Einride brand every single day, and it’s paramount that we provide the smoothest, most comprehensive user experience possible. Changing the freight industry from the ground up is complicated, to say the least. It’s our job to make the transition as easy as possible.

Einride Functional Icons

Building an Einride universe to make the transition simple

For the Einride user, everything is centered around the freight mobility operating system. Our shipper platform is designed for location and shipment tracking, live and historical emissions and sustainability insights, and detailed transport network electrification recommendations. Our driver app is purpose-built for shipping with electric vehicles, yielding specific insights into the numerous unique considerations compared to the diesel trucks they are used to.

Naturally, the structure behind these platforms is of immense importance to user experience, but the design is the most prominent feature and touchpoint. Delivering a consistent, modern, and smooth user interface is job number one, and a comprehensive and carefully-considered brand environment is the best way to execute it.

As an example, the live transport network map will form the basis of the shipper platform. Seeing how a network is operating in real-time and getting visual representations of the opportunities for electrification are powerful tools to drive the transition to full Autonomous Electric Transport (AET). No longer a topic of discussion, it becomes a visual, actionable step for our partners to take, tailored to their unique circumstances.

Freight mobility is an entirely new concept, and our solution is the first of its kind to deliver it. Therefore we must set the basis for how to interface with this technology going forward, by creating a universe with a consistent and thoughtful design focused on usability. But most importantly, we must design an interface that users like and get excited to work with on a daily basis. It’s the only way to ensure that AET goes from a cool new opportunity to a widespread way of operating.

Einride Platform 8

Delivering value through carefully considered design

A report on the business value of design was clear in its findings: companies that scored higher on their design index (which includes analytical leadership, cross-functional talent, continuous iteration, and user experience) all performed significantly better than average in terms of revenue and shareholder value by a margin of nearly two-to-one. In short, organizations that make design a top-level priority, build cross-functional design teams, update and iterate constantly, and focus on the user are more successful.

That’s great news for us as a company with a central focus on user experience design, but more importantly, it means that the value we get from our practices is passed on and amplified in interactions with our customers. A user-centric design philosophy translates to a smoother experience in everyday use and one that is catered to the needs and unique considerations of every transport network we support.

What works in practice for fast-moving consumer goods may not work for industrial manufacturing, but flexible, considerate design accounts for these differences, constantly iterating and updating to provide the smoothest experience possible. Shippers and carriers know firsthand how complicated road freight can be, and how that makes transitioning to a future of AET even more arduous.

As you get used to seeing our new branding in more touchpoints, bear in mind that it signifies not only a step forward for us, but a commitment to delivering the best possible experience in every single touchpoint for our customers. We’re always thinking about design, so you can always keep moving forward.

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