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Einride November Release: How to fast-track entire regions to an electric future

3 min read

Einride November Release: How to fast-track entire regions to an electric future

“Through the technology that we bring to the market, we will enable massive changes to this industry. Our ambition at Einride is to keep pushing, keep inventing the future.” Einride’s CEO and Founder, Robert Falck, set the tone for the Einride November Release, the annual event where the freight mobility company showcases its new portfolio and vision for the coming years.

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The future of freight mobility, as it premiered last week, goes far beyond new product launches. Einride is investing in an ecosystem approach to ensure maximum results for its customers, as smart and cost-competitive solutions for shipping can transform businesses, and the planet, which is in a decisive moment as reducing carbon emissions becomes more and more urgent.

The ecosystem has a name and it’s ready to be deployed. “I would like to introduce to you: grids. You can think of them as archetypes or blueprints that can be applied anywhere in the world. The grids take the power of our products to meet regions’ needs and fast-track them to electric shipping,” explained Linnéa Kornehed Falck, Einride’s CMO, Deputy CEO and Founder.

LA grid

The grids connect all of Einride’s offerings, which have expanded and also received significant updates. To note is a new charging solution. Einride Stations enable easy and reliable charging of electric trucks by being placed at strategic on-road locations. They are already available in Sweden and will soon support fleets in the United States – the first one is set to begin construction in 2023 in the Port of LA region.

During the Einride November Release, founders Robert and Linnéa were joined by different project and executive leaders who deep-dived into each offer. Also present on the stage were the latest model of Einride’s autonomous vehicles, the Gen 2 Rigid Large

The cabless truck now has a larger cargo hold, updated optics, maximum speed, and night vision capabilities. Every new feature was based on key customer needs – the same approach was essential for elevating remote operators’ experience with the updated Einride Remote Interface. Another key element in scaling sustainable solutions is opening Einride Saga, the intelligent freight mobility platform, to the wider shipping and carrier communities. Companies who don’t currently ship with Einride will be able to use our service to manage their fleets, even if they’re partially electrified.

Einride autonomous Gen 2 Rigid Large and electric truck

Implementing autonomous and electric operations across countries’ borders is part of a first-of-its-kind project that will feature the new Gen 2 Rigid Large front and center. The €28 million MODI project is co-funded by the European Union, coordinated by ITS Norway, and has Einride as the leading autonomous partner, which will demonstrate operations on a selected portion of the E6 highway between Gothenburg, Sweden, and Oslo, Norway.

As Robert Falck said: “The future is autonomous, electric and digital and we are only getting started.”

Watch the Einride November Release.

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