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Olivia Forsselius, Business analyst, taking a swim at Långholmen, Stockholm.
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Einride Portraits: Olivia, Business analyst

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Einride Portraits: Olivia, Business analyst

Olivia Forsselius has had not one but four “first days” at Einride – because she’s started up at the company that many times. Prior to joining the company as a full-time employee in February 2023, she completed two internships and later partook in Einride’s Master’s Thesis Program. Olivia reflects on the different iterations of her tenure and explains why she has repeatedly chosen Einride as the setting for her career growth.

How did you find yourself working at Einride?

I first joined Einride in the summer of 2021, for an internship that lasted 10 weeks. I had been studying in Gothenburg and received an alert about the internship program in my university inbox. I was thankful to be accepted, and that led to me renting an apartment in Stockholm, where the internship would take place. At this point, Einride was a fraction of the size it is today. There were around 120 employees at this point, and we’re now close to 500.

“I had enjoyed my time so much, but I believed there was more I could do.“

The following year, in April, I took up the opportunity of another internship, this time in Gothenburg – and this ran for 3 months. And just two months after completing the internship, in September 2022, I commenced my participation in the Einride Master’s Thesis Program. This went for 5 months. Upon completing this program, I was thrilled to be offered a full-time role at Einride, and I’ve been a so-called “regular” employee since February 2023! It’s been amazing to see the company grow in size, expand to new markets, and evolve its capabilities over the past two years. 

Which part of the company do you work in?

I work in the Solution Development team. So we work with both Einride’s clients as well as prospective clients, and we look at their logistics data and assess their operations today, such as where their goods are moving, the volumes and payloads, any constraints that apply, and so on. 

We do the analysis and number crunching, and then we come back to the shipper with a comprehensive electrification plan. This outlines how they can transition from diesel-based operations to electric freight operations in a way that achieves high utilization of assets and is therefore more cost-efficient. Using this data-driven approach, we advise the shipper on which parts of their network are the most suited for electrification today, how many vehicles should be deployed, how much CO2e this will save, and many other aspects. The aim is to help the shipper make the switch, over time, towards a fully electric shipping network. You can think of Einride as the shipper’s transformation partner. 

Olivia diving from a dock

What inspired you to work with sustainable technology?

I’ve always had a strong interest in sustainability, but in my years going through high school and university, the interest really evolved into a passion as well as a career ambition for me. I felt the need for innovation in areas like technology, business, and government was becoming more urgent than ever. As a result, I was always keeping an eye out for sustainable companies doing interesting and impactful work.

Since Einride is a company that started in Gothenburg, they had somewhat of a presence at my university – Chalmers University of Technology – and I could really sense that they were doing something with a great impact. I also felt it aligned with what I studied, which was Industrial Engineering and Management. That’s what compelled me to apply for the internship – and that was the start of it all!

What was it like doing the Einride Master’s Thesis Program?

It was fantastic. I highly recommend the Master’s Thesis Program to students who are completing a Master’s Degree – or those planning to study a Master’s in future. It’s a wonderful opportunity, especially if you already have an interest in the work Einride is doing. Through the program, by having access to real cases and scenarios, I felt I was able to get so much more out of the thesis work. 

“I probably wouldn’t have discovered my interest in transportation and logistics had it not been for Einride.“

My thesis explored how Einride is building charging infrastructure for its connected electric vehicles, and how this will impact the charging infrastructure needs for autonomous vehicles. I conducted interviews with shippers and carriers who had experience with electric freight and held workshops with Einride employees. I also contributed to building a scenario model to help illustrate the infrastructure implications – and synergies – between the electric transition of freight and the autonomous transition.

How was the program structured?

It starts with a few kick-off days, alongside the other Master’s Thesis students. We then work towards a mid-term presentation, and then a final presentation. Each participant is assigned a supervisor – an Einride employee whose work is closely aligned with your chosen thesis topic. This person is your main interface with Einride, and you work together quite collaboratively. The mid-term and final presentations are attended by Einride employees who perhaps didn’t support your thesis directly, but who would likely benefit from your work and might have additional input. All in all, the program was highly engaging, and you learn a lot in a short space of time!

What do you love about working at Einride?

In addition to the vision of the company, I would definitely have to say the people. It’s super exciting to be around such a diverse group of people – of different experiences, skill sets and backgrounds – who share a mindset. Everyone here wants change, and everyone feels motivated by Einride’s mission. There are so many interesting and super smart colleagues that I feel privileged to learn from every day. After completing the first internship – and after the second – I looked back thinking I had enjoyed my time so much, but I believed there was more I could do. I was thrilled when the opportunity arose to come back to Einride.

 View of the water at Långholmen

Had you thought about working in the realm of freight transportation?

To be honest, I probably wouldn’t have discovered my interest in transportation and logistics had it not been for Einride. I actually thought the sector was quite traditional, perhaps a bit boring – but that first internship really proved me wrong! It was so much fun, and it really opened my eyes to how interesting this space is, especially given it is experiencing three major disruptions as we speak: digitalization, the ramp-up of battery electric vehicles, and early deployments of autonomous vehicles. 

What are your hobbies and interests?

I love being out in nature, whether it’s hiking, skiing or riding horses. I especially love swimming, surfing and sailing – basically, anything that involves being out in the open water. I recently started rowing as well. If I wasn’t doing what I do today, I would have pursued becoming a marine biologist! One of my favorite swimming spots is by the cliffs at Långholmen – one of Stockholm’s many islands. Långholmen mostly consists of trees, which makes it a nice escape from the beating pulse of the city. 

Another passion of mine is reading. My favorite books are “Educated” by Tara Westover, “The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared” by Jonas Jonasson, and Lydia Sandgren’s “Collected Works”. 

With your passion for nature, do you experience much climate anxiety?

I’ve experienced a lot of climate anxiety in years past, but since working at Einride it has definitely eased a bit. I think previously I felt a sense of frustration – and while I do read the news and feel frustrated at times, I also go to work and know that day-to-day, I’m contributing to something that is making a difference. It’s helping businesses significantly reduce their emissions and get closer to their climate targets. This really motivates me. I love that I’m able to devote my career towards this cause. 


Want to follow in Olivia’s footsteps? Applications for the 2024 Einride Master’s Thesis Program are now open. To see the different thesis areas, or to browse current job opportunities, head over to the Einride careers page.

Olivia by the cliffs at Långholmen

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