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Einride showcases new teleoperation solution at Mobile World Congress

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Einride showcases new teleoperation solution at Mobile World Congress

Guests and media are invited to Ericsson’s event area at Mobile World Congress 2019, Barcelona, to experience Einride’s 5G-connected transportation solution. Visitors will be given the opportunity to teleoperate Einride’s autonomous, all-electric truck – located in Sweden.

At MWC 2019, Einride’s newly developed teleoperation system will be demonstrated for the first time.

The new teleoperation system includes high performance adaptive streaming, low latency cellular networks, unique stitching and pixel perfect edge blending, enabling a unique teleoperation experience. The system is both modular and highly configurable allowing it to be tailored exactly to maximize efficiency in any customer transport flow.

“By implementing the new system, we can boost teleoperation performance by minimizing the cognitive load while at the same time enhancing efficiency of teleoperated parts of the automated transport. The upgrades we have done to the technology will rapidly improve the user experience and working environment of our tele operators, which in turn will benefit both overall efficiency and safety of Einride’s autonomous electric transportation (AET) system”, said Pär Degerman, Chief Technology Officer at Einride.

Einride’s road freight solution will be demonstrated at Ericsson’s exhibition area (Hall 2, stand 2060) at Mobile World Congress 2019. The demo includes an opportunity to operate Einride's autonomous vehicle, located at AstaZero, a test site outside Gothenburg, Sweden.

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