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The autonomous electric Einride Pod at the Top Gear test track in the UK.
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Five years down, many more to go

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Five years down, many more to go

Robert Falck, Founder and CEO

On this day five years ago, we sent in the papers to register Einride as a company. We started with a simple question: if you could start from scratch with road freight transport, what would it look like?

What started as a simple sketch on a loose piece of paper became the first vehicle of its kind to operate on public roads. A small room on the top floor of an old building blossomed into a thriving organization with hundreds of people spread across the globe. 

Over the years we’ve managed to accomplish more than many expected us to. Most importantly, we’ve challenged big players in our industry to keep up with our speed, and proven that electric and autonomous transport is not only possible right now, but presents a superior business case.

Instead of falling into nostalgia, in the light of the latest IPCC report, we would like to propose something controversially optimistic: The best days of humanity are still ahead. 

Each generation is responsible for leaving the world in better shape than they found it. You are reading this because our grandparents built a society of wealth that could put day-to-day struggles aside and create a way for people to connect and share ideas. 

But it came with a price: global systems built on unstable consumption.

As we look to the future, our mission is not just to make a change to something sustainable, but to keep the innovative human spirit alive. To reverse the harmful effects of the systems we have built by transforming them, but in the process, build something that everyone can participate in and benefit from. To maintain our winning streak, without losing our planet in the process  (if you don’t believe kids care about maintaining streaks, ask them about Snapchat).

At Einride, we're forming a culture that breathes optimism into problem-solving. We're creating a platform for anyone willing to make a change, to disrupt a transport system that's stuck in a rut of diminishing returns and high emission tolls. 

Though we take time now to celebrate the past 5 years, we want to make sure we're not remembered as the generation that stood idly by, but the one that boldly pushed the boundaries in the name of innovation.

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