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Going to Germany: a definite step to make transportation history

2 min read

Going to Germany: a definite step to make transportation history

Almost 130 years ago, the transportation industry was introduced to a new vehicle that was set to change how we move goods. It was a German engineer that modified a wagon drawn by horses to invent the world’s first truck. Not by chance, Germany had already been home to another groundbreaking project with the first real automobile. 

The country is nothing less than transportation royalty, and it is in the driving seat of Europe. Where Germany goes, others follow suit. Launching a regional office in Berlin and officially going live in the region marks another historic step, this time for Einride, a freight technology company with a purpose – to transform how we access goods through an ecosystem approach. Freight is not only trucks and goods but everything in between. 

Our industry has witnessed a series of historical changes, but groundbreaking innovations have stagnated. We are still using the same energy sources as Gottlieb Daimler in 1896. From 6 liters per kilometer, as it was back then, we jumped to 35 liters per 100 km. The need for longer trips turned our dependence on fossil fuels into a timebomb.

It has long become a worldwide challenge. Even with an ambitious goal to eliminate 55% of greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, Germany has struggled to see changes in transportation-related emissions. And we can help. Einride’s partners – like Lidl Sweden, Maersk, Oatly, Postnord TPL and Bauhaus – have seen up to a 90% decrease in CO2 emissions when switching to our all-electric offer, compared to conventional diesel freight, while matching the cost.

Our solutions-based business also tackles another key concern in Germany. Trucks operate locally at only a little over 50% capacity, on average. And this is where our ecosystem approach comes in: capacity at scale is a game-changer. There are many decisions that factor into choosing how to ship a pallet, and through reliable AI data provided by Einride Saga, companies can learn the best routes, increase fill rates, optimize schedules, track charging, and resolve problems – all in real time. Streamlined. This means shipping more intelligently with fewer trucks while drastically reducing greenhouse gas emissions and costs.

We’re thrilled to see such influential companies, like global appliance leader Electrolux, already joining forces with us as we begin operations on German soil. Innovation that taps into a brighter future is what moves all of us. Let’s continue to make transportation history, together.

Robert Falck

CEO and Founder of Einride

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