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Corinne Aaron, Einride's Chief Marketing Officer, hosts keynote speech during the CMOtalk event
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Innovation needs to be talked about to serve its purpose

3 min read

Innovation needs to be talked about to serve its purpose

Reflections from a keynote speech on the Renaissance of Marketing

Humans are the only living beings capable of crafting stories. While all species communicate by various means, be it to alert others to danger or display power and mating needs, scientists believe no other species can create fiction, myths and narratives. It is this ability that has propelled human development through generations.

Storytelling is a powerful tool for change. When combined with innovative solutions, it can trigger and accelerate transformation. After all, innovation needs to be shared and talked about to serve its purpose.

Late last year, I had the opportunity to host a keynote on the topic with a group of Chief Marketing Officers from some of Europe’s leading companies during the annual CMOtalk in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. As we begin our journeys into 2024, it seemed fitting to echo some reflections about the importance of telling authentic stories.

Innovation and storytelling help ensure multiple voices are heard and empowered. They give people that lightbulb moment of thinking, “I want in.”

In companies, these skills tend to lay on marketing teams but are far from being exclusive to them. How many previously unknown voices are being heard today on topics that range from climate justice to gender equality?

In an era of too much noise and uncertainty, the stories we tell can determine our journey. But it is not just any message that will cut through the noise. It needs to come from a place of authenticity.

The way we communicate and consume has shifted radically. Growing up in Trinidad & Tobago (which is where I spent the first half of my life), there was only one television channel. Everyone was exposed to the same opinions and ideas. At the same time. One day after the other. Now, we are receivers of a boundless flow of information all day long.

That authenticity is what makes our work stand out. Now more than ever. Today’s and tomorrow’s consumers are ready to reject what doesn’t speak to them, to swipe past unoriginal ideas. But they are also prone to amplifying what has passed their selective filters. They won’t hesitate to share and retweet and duet.

It’s surreal to think about how many technological breakthroughs we’ve seen in our lifetime. And we have the privilege of leading the way. From Apple’s Think Different to Mastercard’s Priceless or Nike’s By You, stories in campaigns have helped shape generations.

Authenticity in storytelling positions companies at the forefront, regardless of the sector. It builds not only brand awareness but also thought leadership – something fundamental for the success of any company, particularly if you’re in the business of making Earth a better place.

Once authenticity is powered by technology and artificial intelligence, our ability to create impactful stories gets a never-before-seen boost. Whenever we find a new, innovative and disruptive way of telling authentic stories, we help propel society forward.

Corinne Aaron

Chief Marketing Officer at Einride

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