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Einride's fully-electric truck on route with PostNord
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Pioneering electrification, Norway sets the tone for sustainable freight targets

2 min read

Pioneering electrification, Norway sets the tone for sustainable freight targets

The other day in New York, I was asked about the EV market in Sweden. “Let’s talk about Norway instead”, I offered in return but stopped short of attempting a joke. If you are familiar with the Nordic countries and their history, you know about the ever-present sense of competition, from sports to how similar (or different) we sound.

I grew up with a younger sister and just two hours away from the Norwegian border, so I have a particular affection for the siblings' rivalry with our neighbors. The bilateral teasing, witnessing their growth and success. Why are Swedes always running? Because we want to catch up to Norway.

It’s fascinating to see how fast the country has turned itself into a role model for sustainable transportation, with 80% of new cars hitting the streets being fully electric. In Oslo, where road traffic is responsible for the majority of emissions, greenhouse gases have been cut by 30% since 2009.

Norway is a true pioneer in electrification. To support the transition, the government has subsidized the construction of fast charging stations and alleviated taxes and tolls for battery-powered cars. Why would a Norwegian cross the border? To see how greener the grass is on the other side.

It's only logical that they should also take a leading role in the switch to sustainable freight. The goal is that every new heavy-duty vehicle will be zero-emission by 2040. With trucks still contributing to nearly 9% of Norway's CO2e emissions, now is the time to put in motion the plan that supports the country’s ambitious sustainability targets.

We are honored to contribute to these efforts and be the transformational partner to enable intelligent and sustainable shipping. Just months after the announcement of the MODI project, a European cross-border initiative co-funded by the European Union, Einride has rolled out its electric solutions in Norway with live operations with leading postal service PostNord.

The partnership with PostNord started a few years ago in Sweden and will now expand the Nordic Link grid, connecting strategic locations in Oslo through green corridors. It’s refreshing to see how aligned our ecosystem approach is with Norway’s holistic take on electrification.

Einride delivers a turn-key solution with access to fully-electric trucks, charging infrastructure and the intelligence of the freight mobility platform Einride Saga. We build the digital foundation that allows shippers to switch to cost-competitive and sustainable shipping today.

I look forward to cheering for Norway as it leverages Erling-Haaland speed to reach its ambitious targets. A Norwegian truck walks into a bar: “Fill it up”. The bartender hands it the chord.

Robert Falck

Einride’s CEO and Founder

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