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What myths are holding back the move to green freight?

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What myths are holding back the move to green freight?

Road freight electrification provides a vast opportunity to decarbonize not only transportation but also impact society. In a sector responsible for 8% of global CO2e emissions, electric trucks can reduce up to 95% of CO2e when compared to fossil fuel-based transport -- according to data from Einride's customers who have made the switch.

Einride’s General Manager EMEA, Robert Ziegler, shared insights with Automotive News Europe in an article that helps bust three myths that are preventing shippers from starting their transition to electric fleets (learn which are the myths and how to bust them in the link).

Current technologies already meet the needs of most of the freight industry, including price and range, and can be a valuable turning point in removing inefficiencies and offering transparency to a fragmented supply chain.

“In Germany, more than 80 percent of road freight transport tours occur over short to mid ranges in distances of 150 km or less,” wrote Robert Ziegler.

According to the executive, these myths can be solved with information on technological developments and actual shippers’ needs.

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