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Young minds are key to breaking old structures

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Young minds are key to breaking old structures

Hiring top talent and nurturing inspiring leadership is imperative when building a successful business, especially one with ambitious goals and a clear vision of driving transformation in a traditional industry. 

We want to challenge old structures. We need to. That’s the only way to stand a chance if we’re serious about facing some of the biggest issues of our time. The planet is in crisis, as is the transportation industry.

In order to make Earth a better place through intelligent movement, forward-thinkers must be encouraged to work freely across different organizational levels. But we also need to ensure that we give them the opportunity to develop the right skills to lead and empower talented colleagues and teams that will ultimately help us solve today’s complex challenges – and, most importantly, tomorrow’s.

One of our strategies for reaching this is providing leadership – both experienced executives and young professionals – with significant training and with a dynamic space for sharing and receiving constant input, building connections and learning from one another. At Einride, we believe in leading by example, following and practicing our values and getting people to build and create things that they did not think were possible.

Another strategy, and one I’m particularly proud of, is the launch of The Einride Associate Program, where young leaders will be able to support top-level executives in day-to-day activities and their delivery areas. The 12-month program will also include cross-functional training in a fast-paced environment to equip young professionals with the necessary tools to take on a leadership role within the company. The program includes roles in Finance, Product & Tech, Human Resources, Commercial, Operations, and Market & Customer Experience, and the opportunity to work closely with the CEO office.

Guided by our equality and sustainability pillars, Einride has built an exceptional team of professionals to help define a new framework for modern companies. As entrepreneurs, fostering leaders for the future is one of our greatest joys and responsibilities. 

We are incredibly proud of our team of ambitious, creative, and kind-hearted people who constantly challenge conventional thinking, and we hope you’ll join us on this journey.

Linnéa Kornehed Falck CMO, Deputy CEO and Founder of Einride

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