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What are grids?

Einride’s grids are systems of assets and operational resources – including vehicles, trailers, drivers and charging infrastructure – in a defined geographical area, coordinated intelligently using advanced data, algorithms, and software for maximum efficiency. Supported by dedicated business development, the grids drive growth and increase asset utilization in cities and regions.

To see how grids can transform your operations, simply input some details and we will provide an overview of your potential cost and CO2e savings.

How do grids unlock efficiency?

How do shippers benefit?

Grids unlock competitive pricing on sustainable transportation by facilitating access to cutting-edge technology. That means businesses can make the switch to intelligent electric freight with a strong business case today.

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How do regions benefit?

Einride’s grids bring the future of freight to cities and regions. These locations benefit from reduced air and noise pollution, and they become equipped with the physical and digital infrastructure needed for sustainable economic growth.

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If you ship goods or lead a region, leverage Einride’s grids today and join the future of freight mobility.