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Attendees of Demo Day observing Einride's autonomous vehicle in action
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Einride Demo Day: Experience smart, sustainable road freight first hand

6 min read

Einride Demo Day: Experience smart, sustainable road freight first hand

The transition to sustainable transportation isn't just a question of ‘if’ or ‘when’, but a strategic question of ‘how’. Staying at the forefront and understanding the latest technological advancements is crucial for shippers facing this strategic decision. Through its Demo Day, Einride provides such businesses with a unique opportunity to delve into the world of digital, electric and autonomous freight transport, offering invaluable insights for those considering making the switch to smart, sustainable road freight.

What is Einride Demo Day?

Einride Demo Day is an exclusive event offering attendees a unique opportunity to experience first hand how digital, electric and autonomous technologies are reshaping the industry. Attendees get the opportunity to interact with the latest technological innovations while learning more about Einride, its ecosystem, and the interplay between the different components. It’s a chance to get a deeper understanding of how Einride can decarbonize freight operations and help businesses ship more efficiently.

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The Experience part 1 – In theory

While each Einride Demo Day is unique – tailored to meet the needs of its specific audience – certain elements consistently define this experience. The day begins with an introduction to Einride, exploring its role in the industry and how it is partnering with companies to transform their freight operations. Real customer examples are shared, giving attendees a better understanding of the process and the results that can be achieved when going electric with Einride. 

A deeper dive into the Einride ecosystem follows, exploring the different components of the freight mobility platform – including electric and autonomous vehicles, charging infrastructure, operational partners, and the freight operating system Einride Saga. Einride brings together everything the shipper clients need for a fast, reliable and scalable switch to intelligent and sustainable road freight. This holistic introduction sets a foundation for the rest of the day’s experiences.

Next, attendees are welcomed to the first experience part where it’s possible to interact with the Einride Showroom, Einride Saga as well as Einride’s charging and infrastructure. 

Einride Showroom

In the Einride Showroom, attendees can experience a small scale ecosystem through the immersiveness of a virtual reality headset. The showroom visualizes an environment that includes an Einride Smartcharger Station, charging hardware, and electric heavy-duty vehicles.

Experiencing the Einride Showroom

Einride Saga

Einride Saga is Einride’s intelligent freight operating system. At Demo Day, Einride experts will demonstrate – using real transportation data – how Saga enables intelligent and cost-effective electric operations. Attendees will get a glimpse at how it streamlines day-to-day operations, from route planning and charging scheduling to real-time visibility and performance metrics. Attendees will see examples of the GLEC-accredited emissions reports that Saga produces, and they will gain insights into how businesses can leverage Saga to operate electric and mixed fleets with improved operational, financial and environmental KPIs – all while tackling inefficiencies.

Einride Smartcharger

Charging infrastructure is the backbone of electric freight operations. During this part of the day, attendees learn more about the physical and digital infrastructure required to deploy electric freight most effectively. Through augmented reality, attendees are able to interact with an Einride Smartcharger Station where all aspects of a station can be explored including the Einride chargers and the Driver’s lounge. 

Claus Hjort Schrøder, Global Category Manager at Royal Unibrew A/S, visited an Einride Demo Day in 2023. He says the experience reassured him that his company is on the right track towards decarbonization:  “It's impressive to see how it all works in reality. Our company has a 50% CO2 reduction target within transportation and supply chain by 2030. It's quite massive, what we need to do – and it's not going to be electrification alone that will help, but rather, a combination of many things. That said, electrification is a very fast step towards decarbonization. And I'm feeling more comfortable that we are one step closer rather than one step behind – that's what this day gave me.”

The Experience part 2 – In action

During the second part of the day, attendees get to experience key parts of the ecosystem again – but this time, in action. 

Test track session

Perhaps the most eye-opening and awe-inspiring moment of the day is when attendees get to see Einride’s autonomous vehicle being operated live through a test track that simulates a real site – complete with “public” roads and roundabouts – and demonstrates the loading and unloading capabilities. Besides seeing the autonomous vehicle in action, attendees will get a taste of what it's like to work as a remote operator, finding out what the job entails and seeing how these trained professionals can supervise and control vehicles from the comfort of the Remote Interface – a new kind of workstation. 

In addition to experiencing the profession of a remote operator, attendees will also get to experience the profession of “electric truck driver” when they get to test drive one of Einride’s connected electric vehicles – getting a feel for how quiet and how comfortable it is, given the absence of vibration and fumes. They will also experience the power of digitalization through the lens of the driver when using Einride Saga’s Delivery app. Prior to stepping into the truck, the test driver will use the app to choose their delivery, drive the truck to deliver the package, and upon completion, finalize the delivery through the app.

Person testing to drive an electric truck

Visit the Vision Shop

Those attending Einride’s Europe Demo Day will wrap up the day with a tour at Einride Vision Shop, where the autonomous vehicles are assembled. An Einride expert in the realm of autonomous technologies will dive deeper into the various elements that come together to enable autonomous driving and remote operations – including hardware, digital systems, connectivity, data and algorithms. Through an educational simulation, attendees will also experience the role of a remote operator in the future. Faced with diverse scenarios, attendees navigate the responsibilities and challenges that lie ahead.

Jack Harrison, Logistics Development Manager at BP EMEA, says he was highly impressed by the technology he got to experience first hand during a Demo Day visit in 2023: “Einride Demo Day has been really enlightening and really thought provoking. Seeing the autonomous solution gives us a real insight into how you are trying to pioneer the technology.”

Einride remote operation simulation

Why attend Einride Demo Day? 

Transitioning to sustainable road freight can feel overwhelming, but Einride Demo Day cuts through the complexity, offering a day that’s filled with key learnings and “aha” moments. Through hands-on experience and interaction with the latest digital, electric and autonomous technologies for freight mobility, attendees will get an understanding of the full ecosystem needed to operate electric freight efficiently at scale. 

The day also provides a great opportunity to meet and network with industry peers and experts, fostering a collaborative space for collective learning and knowledge exchange. Participants are encouraged to ask questions and absorb in-depth advice while getting to know the Einride team. 

"Einride Demo Day provides shippers with a comprehensive understanding of how all the elements of Einride’s offering are dependent upon one another, and how everything is connected under one intelligent ecosystem. In a market filled with misconceptions about electric and autonomous transportation, questions like ‘Why electric freight?’ and ‘Why Einride?’ are commonly heard in my day-to-day work. Demo Day not only answers these questions but goes beyond that, helping to illustrate the future of freight for attendees", says Isabelle Källenius, Director Strategic Growth EMEA at Einride. 

People looking at Einride's autonomous vehicle at Vision Shop

Register your interest 

Considering making the switch to sustainable road freight? If so, Einride Demo Day is a must-visit, offering a fantastic opportunity to experience and engage with the future of freight. Beyond the excitement of encountering an autonomous vehicle in action, the event provides countless valuable insights that will guide you on your journey toward a digital, electric and autonomous future.

Interested in joining an Einride Demo Day? Browse upcoming Demo Days and register your interest here

People interacting with an Einride CET

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