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Einride Mesh 2023, NYC: What to expect on June 8

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Einride Mesh 2023, NYC: What to expect on June 8

Einride Mesh will be held in New York City on June 8. Sten Neumann, Einride’s Head of Commercial – North America – gives a preview of what attendees can expect from this unique event. If you would like to attend Mesh 2023, you can register here

What is Einride Mesh?

Mesh is Einride’s freight mobility conference. It’s an in-person event that brings together industry and thought leaders and showcases the latest solutions for a more resilient society. The first-ever Mesh was held in Gothenburg, Sweden, in May last year. We’re very excited that this year, on June 8, Einride will bring the event to New York City.

What is the theme?

This year, the theme of Mesh is “Make intelligent moves”. When it comes to the movement of goods, more intelligent means more sustainable, more efficient, and more cost-effective. Discussions will be held across various formats and will gather industry and thought leaders to cover a range of hot topics. These include private and public collaboration, green deals, legislation, and how digital, electric and autonomous technology will drive the freight industry forward.

We hope people will come together and inspire one another, in order to run faster in the months and years ahead.

What should people expect?

Participants can expect to both listen to, as well as take part in, these conversations. The day is about learning, networking, and exchanging thoughts. It brings together people from different realms of transportation as well as those from other sectors. We hope people will come together and inspire one another, in order to run faster in the months and years ahead. We will also be lifting the veil on some of our latest technologies.

Linnéa Kornehed Falck and Robert Falck at Mesh 2022

Einride's CMO, Deputy CEO and Founder Linnéa Kornehed Falck, and CEO and Founder Robert Falck on stage at Mesh 2022.

Who should attend Mesh?

There will be a variety of stakeholders attending Mesh as participants, and I would say they share a positive ambition to “make intelligent moves”. This includes businesses with goods to ship that are seeking to transform their operations, as well as current Einride customers. Within these shipper companies, we welcome representatives from all levels – this could be C-level leaders or representatives from the logistics, supply chain, sustainability, procurement, or operations teams. 

There will also be policymakers and regulators attending Mesh. Some of these attendees may be especially interested in intelligent and sustainable transportation as a result of the historic Inflation Reduction Act being passed last year. Mesh is also going to appeal to those who are interested in working for Einride, as it will give them a first-hand glimpse at the technologies and solutions that are being deployed.

What can people gain from attending Mesh?

Mesh will highlight the importance of partnerships – especially for shippers – when it comes to making the switch to intelligent and sustainable transportation. It will explain why it isn’t as simple as replacing every diesel truck with an electric truck, due to the complex infrastructure demands. The key to unlocking cost-effective electric freight is having the right mix of physical and digital infrastructure. At Mesh, we will explain how shipping with Einride enables businesses to access precisely that – without complexity or costly overhead investments. It’s also a great opportunity to learn about the electrification journeys of other businesses that are already shipping with Einride. 

I hope that people walk away from Mesh seeing the complexities as opportunities.

Which companies are shipping with Einride in the US?

GE Appliances, Bridgestone, Maersk and Oatly are just some of the companies who are choosing Einride as their transformation partner when it comes to freight operations in the US. 

Today, Einride operates one of the largest and fastest-growing fleets in the US, with hundreds of electric vehicles to be deployed across six states. And we’re not replacing diesel trucks with electric trucks 1-to-1, we’re deploying with intelligence – by harnessing infrastructure in the best way possible. We plan to continue leading the way, showing that electric freight is possible now – and with a good business case. That’s why these companies are choosing to partner with us.

What do you hope people will take away from Mesh?

There are enormous benefits that open up when shippers are able to access the right mix of digital, electric and even autonomous capabilities. There’s a lot of complexity, but you can indeed electrify while also leveraging the benefits of digital transformation. So I hope that people walk away from Mesh seeing the complexities as opportunities. Instead of hurdles, we hope they see paths forward.


If you would like to attend Einride Mesh in New York City on June 8, register here.

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