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Solutions-first companies hold all the cards in a world eager for action

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Solutions-first companies hold all the cards in a world eager for action

“What is the impact it will have on society?” This is the first question I am asked when I present Einride to a potential new client. They already know the challenges humankind faces – the increasing temperatures and the role played by fossil fuels, the supply chain crisis, the economy bound to a downturn. 

It is refreshing to talk about impacts and explain in detail how our technologies can unlock untapped potential while reducing up to 90% of our customers' CO2 emissions. The fact is that most people already know what’s at stake. Scientists have been warning us about climate change for decades – one of them, professor Roger Revelle, alerted the US Congress about the harmful effects of fossil-fueled global warming as early as 1957, the same year the first artificial satellite was launched into space.

We have to shift the narrative. And after years of inertia, the world is catching up, fast. Innovative companies and inspiring leaders are taking full advantage of this unique position and coming together to spread a solutions-first mindset amongst colleagues and traditional sectors. 

Many encounters I had during the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting last week were met with unprecedented eagerness to take action, especially after the panel “The Age of Net-Zero Energy Technologies.” That feeling seemed to prevail across rooms and corridors, enhanced by the willingness to collaborate to achieve tangible and positive change. 

Technology is, of course, essential in driving progress, and so are new perspectives. Here lies our greatest strength as a group. By joining forces, we have the opportunity to accelerate change together with governments, policymakers and other leaders in our respective industries.

From eradicating digital deserts to decarbonization initiatives and solutions to agriculture, our combination of experience, humbleness and confidence brings to the table precisely what is missing in the current and future economy in a package that is ready to be scaled.

With a little more action and less conversation, we can ensure these solutions come to life.

Linnéa Kornehed Falck

CMO, Deputy CEO and Founder at Einride

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