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Einride: The story behind the name

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Einride: The story behind the name

How did the name “Einride” come to be? Is there a link to Germany? Is it a nod to the “oneness” of an empowered and intelligent ecosystem? How is the name pronounced? Read on to learn the origins of the name, what it has to do with giants and thunderbolts, and how it connects to Einride’s mission.

There is a certain "oneness" when it comes to Einride and its mission to transform road freight for the better. It brings together digital, electric and autonomous technologies to provide shippers with a “one-stop” solution for accessing the benefits of intelligent shipping. These include swifter and more reliable movement of goods, with no direct emissions.

The name “Einride” echoes some of these themes of singularity and unity – themes that connect with the mission of the company. While these associations are fitting, the “Ein” part of the name didn’t directly stem from the German word for “one”. It actually comes from Nordic mythology.

Gods, giants, and a spark of electricity

In Old Norse, Einriði – anglicized as Einridi – means “the one who rides alone”. It is one of the names used to refer to the god Thor.

In addition to being the subject of blockbuster films and the namesake for the day of the week “Thursday”, Thor – according to Old Norse poetry – wielded a hammer that created lightning and thunder whenever it struck an enemy. He defeated countless opponents in this way, including giants.

A name that speaks to global challenges

Like Thor, Einride is also fighting giants. These metaphorical giants aren’t other companies; they are global challenges, such as an over-reliance on fossil fuels and the burden of ineffective systems holding back positive change. No inpidual company can defeat such giants alone. That’s why Einride works with companies big and small – as well as policymakers and academics – to enable and accelerate the transition to future-proof electric shipping.

Remote Interface with Einride logo

The Einride logo takes the name’s electric theme a step further, with a visual nod to a thunderbolt.

How is “Einride” pronounced?

While the name Einride stems from Einriði, it is a name of its own. A question commonly asked is: “How do you pronounce ‘Einride’?”

Is it pronounced EN-ride – like the letter N? Should one say it like “Einstein”? Or is it pronounced “AIN-ride”, in a way that rhymes with “main”?

Deputy CEO and Founder Linnéa Kornehed Falck pronounces it as the first of these: “EN-ride”. However, she isn’t one to correct those who pronounce it in other ways. “A brand is created and shaped by a company, but ultimately it belongs to the community. That's where it lives and breathes,” says Linnéa. “We welcome people pronouncing it as they wish.”

Linnéa explains that it was a conscious decision to call the brand “Einride”, rather than “Enride” without the “i”. “It felt like “Einride” had an extra spark to it – pardon the pun – which suited our vision for the company,” she says.

A brand is created and shaped by a company, but ultimately it belongs to the community.

Linnéa Kornehed Falck Deputy CEO and Founder
Early sketch of Einride’s autonomous vehicle

Early sketch (2016) of Einride’s autonomous vehicle by CEO and Founder Robert Falck.

Showing the world a new way to move

“Einride handles the complexity of electric and autonomous fleet operations so the shipper doesn’t need to,” says CEO and Founder Robert Falck. “It points to this new era of shipping with a name that embraces unity and intuition.”

Whether it’s autonomous driving, the nature of one intelligent ecosystem that combines a vast array of technologies, or the idea of a one-stop “turnkey” solution to enable shippers to achieve their electrification goals, the theme of oneness – indeed – often comes back.

As a company, Einride aims to present a single, clear, and user-friendly interface into a world of benefits, from more reliable movement of goods to more sustainable and cost-effective operations. And it carries a name that suggests that even the biggest challenges in the world can be overcome when the right solutions are brought to the table – with or without a helping hand from the gods.

Learn more about how Einride is helping shippers decarbonize and future-proof their operations through digital, electric and autonomous technology.

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